Fantasy Football – 5 Tips for Picking a Winning Team

Fantasy football is a fascinating game, it’s incredibly easy to learn but a lot harder to master. It’s also a fun way to have a few bets, and it’s an exciting way to test your skills as a manager or owner of a team. Drafting a winning line-up requires in-depth knowledge of the game, the various players, their ability to interact, and their overall suitability to the season strategy you have in mind.

Obviously, fantasy football involves an element of luck, just like any other form of betting, such as playing poker, or betting at an online casino, but fantasy football gives you complete control over building a winning team. Granted, it’s not always easy, so here are some top tips for drafting a winning fantasy football team.

1. Ranking players

Be smart and thoroughly research players you might want before you consider drafting them. Examine the statistics for each potential pick, check for injury updates, and watch game footage. Fill your key offence positions first, before drafting defense players. Consider drafting ‘contract kids’ who are eager to prove themselves and don’t yet have a fat million-dollar contract in their pocket!

2. Betting

There’s nothing like learning the game the hard way. Experts swear by betting, even a little money, on games to make sure you take it seriously and learn the necessary lessons. Fantasy football novices often make a lot of mistakes, but when there’s real cash at stake, the learning curve is faster.

3. Trading smartly

At some point, you’ll be able to make trades. Be smart and patient when considering trading; wait a few weeks, and don’t be too quick off the mark to discard players whose performance might be a little inconsistent, such as in the case of wide receivers, as they have a tendency to do this.

4. Tracking stats

The team you end up picking will probably be somewhat biased, even if you don’t realise it initially. Track the game and player statistics and figure it out. Is your league skewed towards the quarterbacks or the running backs? And your team?

5. Consistency

Your team doesn’t have to be blindingly brilliant every game, just consistently good. Do not rest. Be consistent in your efforts. There’s no place for complacency if you’re serious about winning at fantasy football.

Make it a point to watch the games every Sunday and Monday, to continuously learn and also have some good fun and excitement. That’s what it’s all about, after all. Fantasy football is a great way to blow off steam, especially with good friends. Go ahead, make your draft picks, and have a blast!

Video: Expectations for the Kansas City Chiefs in 2017

Nick Kostos, Brady Quinn, and D.J. Williams break down their expectations for the Chiefs.

Chiefs LB Tamba Hali Explains Recent Rant on Twitter – “I Just Wanted to Win”

After airing his grievances via Twitter over the weekend, Chiefs linebacker Tamba Hali switched social media gears Tuesday to Facebook Live in an effort to diffuse the situation, Chris Wesseling of reports. .

The twelfth-year veteran, a respected team leader, originally spoke out about his role with the club, specifically his reduced playing time in key games. He further questioned the absences of key players during offseason workouts.

“I think it got blown out of proportion,” Hali explained Tuesday. “All I was trying to say is at the end of the day, I love the game. I just want to bring the Kansas City Chiefs a championship.

“What happened last year, I just wanted to win. I think anybody can bear with me and understand the frustration of losing a game in the playoff and barely playing. Being the competitor of myself, you just want to win. That was basically what the rant was about.”

Now that Hali has vented, he insists he’s “all-in” for the Chiefs this season.

“All the guys at the chiefs understand. I’m one of those guys that love to compete and continue to compete at a high level. I don’t feel like I’m done. And I just wanted to know where we’re going.”

“You need your leaders to be around. We have a young team. Sometimes you have to point fingers at your leaders and let them know ‘You guys, you gotta be around. You gotta be around.’ I’ve been here 12 years. I’m not getting any younger,” he explained. “I’m not going to play the game forever. There’s going to come a day where I have to be done playing. And time is running out for us to win a championship. I think coach Reid and his staff has assembled some of the best coaches and players on this team so we can go ahead and make a run. We just need to make sure everybody is on board here and understand what’s at stake here.”

Chiefs Coach Andy Reid Wants a Chat with Tamba Hali About Twitter Comments Regarding Playing Time

On Saturday afternoon, less than a week before the start of training camp for the Chiefs, linebacker Tamba Hali aired his grievances for all of the world to see — on Twitter, which is never a smart thing to do.

Hali took to social media to state that he believes he should have played more than seven snaps in the NFL Divisional Round of the playoffs against the Steelers last season.

Chiefs coach Andy Reid has always loved the personality and passion a player like Hali brings to the table, but in this instance, he was not pleased with the means of delivery, Alec McChesney of the Kansas City Star reports.

“We don’t want him to do it through the social media part and all that,” Reid said at Monday’s news conference on the campus of Missouri Western State University. “Let’s just talk about it.

“If you have a problem, let’s talk about it.”

Hali, 33, has spent his entire 11-year NFL career in Kansas City, appearing in 172 of a possible 176 games during that span.

But over the past two seasons, Hali’s age and inability to stay fully healthy have caught up with him. In 2016, he started just two games and recorded only 3 1/2 sacks, the second-fewest of his career.

Yet over the weekend, Hali made it clear that he believes he should play more this season.

“The one thing you love about Tamba is that he loves to play,” Reid said. “I mean, that’s the one thing. I can’t tell you he’s getting any younger, I can’t tell you that. I do love the fact that he bugs on you that he wants to play.

“As coaches, we have to make that decision. And so, when we make the decision that he plays seven plays or 27 plays or 47 plays, that’s what we do. And is a player always going to be happy about that? No. That’s not how it works.

“But, do I love the fact he wants to play? Yes. He’s probably going to be 50 years old and still tweeting out those things, that he wants to get in his plays. I love that about him.”

Maybe the next time Tamba gets worked up, he should relax with a Bed Bath & Beyond bubble bath to relax and see if he’s still all worked up afterwards.. 🙂

Hunt Says That New Chiefs GM Brett Veach to Have Final Say Over Roster

It’s sounding more and more like the Chiefs new top man will have final say, as Pro Football Rumors reports that new GM Brett Veach will get control over the roster.

On Monday, owner Clark Hunt stated that Veach will have final say over the 53-man roster.

He’ll work in tandem with coach Andy Reid just like John Dorsey did when he was in GM, but it appears that Veach is in the driver’s seat.

There has been speculation that Reid helped to push Dorsey out the door and Hunt acknowledged that he spoke with Reid before making the decision. He did not get into specifics about Reid’s input but, as expected, the move was not made without the coach being consulted first.

There was no one single event that caused the firing of Dorsey, Hunt explained, saying that it was based on an overall evaluation of his work. That means the team’s awkward parting of ways with wide receiver Jeremy Maclin was not the impetus for canning Dorsey – if Hunt is to be believed.

Hunt says his goal is for the Chiefs to win a Super Bowl in the next 3-4 years, meaning that expectations are high for the young GM.

Chiefs LB Tamba Hali Tweets Out on If the Chiefs Need Him Anymore

The Chiefs are set to open training camp on Monday when quarterbacks and rookies will report in St. Joseph, Mo., while the full team will be there on Friday.

On Saturday afternoon, linebacker Tamba Hali posted a series of tweets in which he questioned why he played sparingly in January’s playoff loss to the Steelers, Pete Grathoff of the Kansas City Star reports.

Hali played just seven snaps in the 18-16 loss to Pittsburgh at Arrowhead Stadium.

Hali, who signed a three-year contract in March 2016, also referenced the 2016 opener against the Chargers when he played 42 snaps (58 percent of the defense’s total). All told, Hali had 34 tackles and 3 1/2 sacks in 16 games last season. He made two starts.

Here is what Hali wrote in 12 tweets:

“Fans should know this. only played 7 snaps last year 2017 playoff game against the Steelers.

“I was told the reason I wasn’t playing was they wanted me fresh for the playoff.

“Can someone explain to me how I played 58 snaps in the first game when we made the greatest comeback in Chiefs history?

“watching both Steelers game from sideline and playing 15 and 7 in the last game I’m still lost. Am I needed in KC anymore?

“I was healthy last year and the year before. I had a scope not a major procedure. The result of playing for a long time.

“I haven’t missed any off-season workouts in 11 years w/the Chiefs. I’ve played in every game except four in my 11 year career with Chiefs.

“Let’s look at the Super Bowl champs I am sure they had 100% attendance for OTAS AND OFFFSEASON WORKOUT this year. I maybe wrong.

“I’m a team player first. Anything for the team. Yet I’m not done knocking QB heads off but 7 plays won’t cut it.

“I’ve played through all my injuries I’ve acquire throughout my careers not sitting out because I did not feel I wouldn’t be at my best.

“I play because I love the game and did it under some of the worst conditions.


“I’m not a pass rusher I’m a football player. I just happens to get to QB when GOd allows me to.”

Chiefs Name Brett Veach New General Manager

The Chiefs have a new voice in their organization, as today they officially named Brett Veach as the teams’ new General Manager.

Adam Schefter of ESPN broke the news on twitter earlier today.

The team has been without a GM since they fired GM John Dorsey back on June 25th.

What Does the Chiefs Run Game Look Like Heading Into Training Camp 2017?

The way the Chiefs offense is currently constructed, the team is never going to remind anyone of the 1990’s Houston Oilers run-and-shoot.

Heck at this point they seem to be more on the verge of setting football back a few years the way they seem to not chuck the ball down the field play after play.

With that, running the ball is going to be more important than ever for the Chiefs as the 2017 gets closer, and with now Jamaal Charles playing for the rival Broncos, who is going to get a majority of the carries this season and moving forward?

After leading rusher Spencer Ware, the first choice would have to go with Charcandrick West, but last season West was slower than usual, putting up just 3.3 yards per carry and 288 yards total.

He’s never going to blow people away with his speed, but the Chiefs need a back that clearly can do more than run for three yards a carry.

The most interesting player in the mix is DeAnthony Thomas, a player that does have that explosive speed and if given the chance, he might be able to run away from people and be a force in the Kansas City run game.

The 24-year-old is defined as a wide receiver and return specialist, but it might be time to start giving him more of a look when it comes to getting carries.

He’s caught just seven passes last season, so why not give him a shot to run the ball more? With his speed it just might pay off in a huge way for the Chiefs.

Anthony Sherman is another player who could push for carries behind Ware, and he will get some looks in camp and the preseason.

You can’t forget about Ware being the workhorse last season with 921 yards and 4.3 yards per carry, and he probably will get that role to start 2017 again.

Ware will enter camp as the starter, and likely come opening day will be the first guy to touch the ball, but for a team that ran for 1.748 yards last season, it will be interesting to see who comes next in the rotation of carries for Kansas City in 2017.

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