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Chiefs Receiver Spins Webb as Starter

Day one of the Kansas City Chiefs 2009 training camp is now complete, and officially in the record books. No earth-shattering news to chew on, but the day certainly wasn’t without a few notes of interest. * DL Glenn Dorsey surprised some by failing the mandatory conditioning test. * LJ praised the wide receivers and […]

Three players trying to save their roster spot

As evidence by the release of second year receiver Will Franklin more than a month ago, Scott Pioli and Todd Haley have zero tolerance for underperforming players or players brought in by Herm Edwards whom they have nothing invested in. Franklin’s release was the result of Scott Pioli stealing a page out of father in […]

Assessing the Chiefs 2009 Restricted Free Agents: Who Stays and Who Leaves?

Restricted free agents are players who have three accrued seasons and have a expiring contract. Restricted free agents are free to negotiate with any club through the free agent signing period. If he accepts an offer sheet from a new club, his old club can match the offer and retain him, or not match the […]

Positions Up for Grabs in Training Camp

Since the beginning of the off season Herm Edwards has preached “competition”. He achieved his goal there are several starting positions up for grabs on this team and a slew of contestants for those spots . From the 12 picks in the draft to the barrel of un drafted rookie free agents, add to the […]

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