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Projected Chiefs Roster for 2010

From the Kansas City Star today – a look at what the Chiefs will probably start the season with against the Chargers.  I will have some commentary later today. Here’s one estimate of what the Chiefs’ roster will look like on Saturday: QUARTERBACK (3) Matt Cassel, Brodie Croyle, Tyler Palko. •Don’t be surprised if the […]

The Most Important Chiefs of 2010

Training camp starts on Friday…training camp starts on Friday…training camp starts on Friday… (Can you tell I’m excited?) While I’m very happy that the Kansas City good guys are going to be holding training camp closer to home, I am a little bummed I never got to to travel to River Falls for a few […]

Talking Doesn’t Get You Into the Hall of Fame

Dwayne Bowe is a specimen. He’s 6’3″, 225 pounds, and can really move for a big guy. He has all the tools to be a Hall of Famer player – including having the mindset that he’s the best player on the field. However, he’s missing one important element for an all-world player- a brain. (Actually, […]

The 2010 Draft Class’ First Day of School

The Kansas City Star had a pretty typical NFL story that shows up in June – a piece about the 2010 Chiefs’ draftees and their first exposure to the NFL world. It’s the standard fluff piece, but about what you can expect this time of the year. By “standard”, I mean you can count on […]

My “Beloved Chiefs Hall of Fame” – #5

It’s slow in the world of NFL (and specifically Chiefs) news – can you tell? So, I thought I would go over my top 5 most loved Chiefs, and later (and this one will be much more cathartic) my most hated Chiefs of all time. This doesn’t mean they were the best (as evidence by […]

Opening Day not a For Sure for Larry Johnson

Larry Johnson is talking now that he and KC have a deal in place, as the franchise back talked at Chiefs camp Wednesday and to some observers surprise, stated he might not be totally ready to run the rock a lot on opening day.  “Obviously, coaches are going to do a great job trying to […]

Progress Being Made on Talks Between LJ and Chiefs

It looks as if things are finally getting serious when it comes to talks between the Chiefs management and running back Larry Johnson.  Adam Schefter of NFLNetowrk is reporting that going on what has taken place over the last few days, the two sides seem to be making solid ground on talks and that progress […]

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